Ticket Policies / Festival Etiquette

  • Grizfest 2018 wristbands must be worn at all times and are subject to inspection. Any wristbands found to be altered, tampered with or fraudulent will be removed and the owner will be escorted from the site.
  • Any criminal activity, violence, public inebriation, destruction of property or any other violation of these rules is subject to removal of wristband and immediate ejection from the grounds and possible arrest.
  • Two pieces of valid ID (1 photo) required at all times.
  • Parents please be advised – underage drinking /contributing to a minor is a criminal offense. Police can be involved and violators are subject to removal or possible arrest.
  • Outside alcohol is not permitted
  • NO drinking outside the grizfest grounds. Security will confiscate and dispose of alcohol being brought in or out.
  • Grizfest retains the right to delay the opening if necessary.
  • With the exception of service dogs, NO animals are allowed.
  • Place taller chairs to the back of the festival grounds leaving the front open for people on blankets and low back chairs.
  • Tarp/Blanket – Please limit the size of your blanket to make room for other patrons at the front of the grounds.  All personal belongings must be removed at the end of each day from the site.  Grizfest is not responsible for your personal articles.
  • Umbrellas – Please do not use large umbrellas, tarps, etc that will block the view of people behind you.
  • No personal ATV’s, scooters, golf carts, horses, etc. allowed on site.
  • No glass bottles or glass containers allowed.
  • Grizfest assume no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or other related harm suffered by participants, spectators, site owners, leasers, or others who may be adversely affected by the event.
  • Sales or distribution of any unauthorized materials without express consent is subject to confiscation, removal or arrest.
  • Do not leave children unattended.
  • No recording devices without previous permission.
  • No bicycles or skateboards allowed on site.

Drinking & Driving

  • There will be a shuttle running between the Monkman RV park, Lions Campground and the festival grounds.
  • Always arrange a safe ride home. Tumbler Ridge Taxi can be reached at 250-242-5151.
  • Road checks will be done nightly by local law enforcement.

Smoking Bylaws

  • Smoking on the show site is allowed in designated areas only. Please use buckets provided and use caution when disposing of cigarettes.
  • Please do not throw your cigarette butts on the ground.  Pinch and pocket cigarette butts.  Help keep the grounds clean.

Lost & Found

  • All Lost & Found items will be held at the Information Booth during the event.

First Aid

  • First aid will be on site the entire weekend at the entry gate.  Please contact security or a volunteer if you need attention.  In case of emergency, fire, police, and/or ambulance will be contacted as needed.


  • In the event of an emergency evacuation proceed calmly to the nearest exit and follow event staff to a per-determined staging area. Never attempt to go against the pedestrian flow.

Grounds For Eviction

  • Invalid or absent wristband
  • Rowdy or disrespectful behaviour
  • Excessive noise/noise after curfew
  • Any criminal activity, possession of fireworks, weapons or illegal drugs
  • Contributing to the delinquency of a minor
  • Grizfest assumes no liability for personal loss, injury, death, property damage or other related harm suffer by participants, spectators, site owners, leasers, or others who may be adversely affected by the event.
  • All patrons entering the festival and concert property may have their image and/or likeness reproduced for promotional and/or partners of Grizfest. By entering the grounds patrons agree to allow such use of your image and/or likeness by Grizfest.
  •  In case of an emergency call 911.
  • Lost & Found items will be held at the information booth during the event.